please dun be sad

i know when tat time i decide with u together i know is wrong...
but one thing is that i reali love you..i reali is not tat kind of fxcker say tat playboy..!!
but..haix..suan lar...i say wat oso no use d..i hurt u deeply..hurt u painly...
i choose bek her d..
and u get lonely..tiz all i noe...sorry for make you feel upset..
beer is no use..after drunk everything will back to real life oso nid to face it..plz dun hurt yourself..
i dunnoe how u pass your life now..but hope everything u thr will fine..^^

4 条评论:

V E R O N S ♥ 说...

if she understand and having a mature thinking .
sure she will do it .
but forgive her ,
girl are cant control theirselves sometimes .
give some times .
time will bring all the memories gone .

szchung 说...

ya...i oso thing lk tat..

匿名 说...

realised is wrong when in da begining..
but y still wanna begin for it..?
reali hard to understand..

szchung 说...

but sometime love is like that...
dunno how to express..
sorry to my reader...